Better experiences, great results

Hello! I’m Gaby Prado.
I help customer-centric businesses to have better results, by helping them to improve their digital products and services.

How do I work?

Forget about time-boxed, PPT-based consulting..

Focus on results

Without results, nothing matters.
We work on iterative short “experiments” (so those pesky quick wins are made to work you).

Long-term engagements

The world wasn’t built in a day. That’s why I don’t rush with fees-per-hour; I walk the path with you.
As long as it takes, one experiment at a time.

Knowledge transfer

There is no better place to learn than while you work, as you go.
The mentoring will ensure everyone involved learns, they can apply it while getting results.

Focus on change process

Apart from managing the project and the people, we must manage the change so it sticks. Nothing better than do it organically, as we move forward with each project.

A few people I worked with...

Nothing I did could have been achieved without these wonderful folk...

Gaby arrived at Instagràfic and helped us all walk in our “clients’ shoes”. She helped us review the entire customer lifecycle, segmenting our customers by behavioural profiles and detecting breaks in the experience.

All that helped us triplicate last year’s sales.

Josep Garcia

CEO, Instagràfic

I met Gaby at eDreams ODIGEO and had the pleasure to work with her in one of my first projects in that company.  Gaby is an exceptional professional who taught me what UX really meant which changed my whole vision of how to approach product successfully. This eye-opening experience was key in my career, as much as all the initiatives we did together. It was a great pleasure to learn from her and will be a pleasure to work with her again in the future.

Mercè Garcia

Flights Product Director, eDreams ODIGEO

Gaby worked with us in a 6-month project. She mentored us on how to be better at managing our website, while facilitating moving from working on waterfall to more iterative methodology. She also helped us define our customer’s profiles and get into the habit of talking to them.

Based on that, we improved the experience of the website, which resulted in a 60%+ increase in our conversion rate.

Maria Sorzano

Chief Marketing Officer, Boat Bureau

Gaby is passionate about her work and committed to finding the best solution for her clients. We have worked with Gaby on a number of projects over the past two years, and her knowledge, dedication and insight have contributed greatly on all of them. She is proactive, inquisitive and able to contribute creative solutions…in short, a joy to work with.

Anne Marie Martel

Head of Online Strategy and Content, Torrespapel / Lecta

And a few companies I worked with...


Even if we don't get to work together, every interesting conversation is a learning experience...


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