Hi, I'm gaby prado

This is not really about me – but I’m sure you’d like to know who you are talking to, right? So here I am, ready to give you a bit of context so you understand where I’m coming from. 

  • founded xcentric lab in 2016,  after working in and around the digital world since 1996.
  • I am also a lecturer at Pompeu Fabra University and ESDI, both in Barcelona, where I teach “In-house UX Team” and “Strategy”.
  • I have formal training in Graphic Design and Cultural Anthropology / Sociology
  • One thing (my curiosity) led to another, so I moved from Visual Design to Interaction Design,  from Design to Research, from Research to Strategy. 
  • I worked in consultancies -doing design, management and even Business Process Redesign (!).
  • I also worked in-house, creating, growing and managing teams of designers – always trying to instill a customer-centric approach to the corporate vision…


I am a bit xcentric.  Also, I dreamt for years about having a garden where I could unwind, de-stress and grow my own healthy food. I had a very clear vision of the Gardening Experience I wanted to have: little work and loads of yummy organic veggies.

From the start I worked hard at creating an ecosystem where I don’t need to intervene much: no chemicals, no cleaning weeds or fight plagues and disease. Just sow, water, feed the soil and harvest. 

Based on what I was doing at work, I decided to mix-and-match methods to achieve results fast. I call what I do “Lean Urban Permaculture”, because I apply Lean principles (no waste, maximum efficiency) and Permaculture principles (work with instead of against the world and design a sustainable ecosystem)

Can’t complain about the results. And the learning in my garden reinforced what I do at work. So I apply the same philosophy at work and in my garden. Just like I do at work, in my garden  I run little experiments, observe and I learn all the time. I have no waste and I find a way to get maximum results with minimum effort. 



Even if we don't get to work together, every interesting conversation is a learning experience...


XCENTRIC LAB S.L. |  ESB66922303
BARCELONA: +34 687 607 496  |  SANTIAGO DE CHILE: +56 9 7798 4888 |  gaby@xcentriclab.com
Passeig del Remei 80A (08460) Santa Maria de Palautordera, Barcelona.